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Automatic External Defibrillators (AED's), Why dont we see more of them?

I have never been a blogger but I feel it might be the avenue needed to bring awareness to certain lifesaving topics. I will attempt to provide at least 1 new blog a week.

I recently read an article that discussed a town that placed AED's strategically around the town. These AED's were in an AED cabinet and had an electronic lock on it and were placed on the street just like the old pay phones were.

Now imagine if your town did the same thing. You are antiquing around Breaux Bridge Louisiana or enjoying the music at Downtown Alive in Lafayette Louisiana and you witness someone go down due to suspected Cardiac Arrest. Someone else got to them first and has started CPR, you look around and see the AED Cabinet, you dial 911 and let the 911 call center know whats gong on and tell them you are at AED box #3. The 911 center advises you that the code to unlock that box is 237#. You enter the code, grab the AED and provide the patient with a lifesaving shock to the heart. The patient responds to the shock, has a pulse and is breathing all before EMS gets there.

Sound good right? Well, although I have read an article on the subject, I have yet to see this set up. The cost associated with such a plan could be minimal and provide great outcomes to the public. Many towns simply rely on EMS to get to the patient and provide that care when early defibrillation is the key to cardiac arrest survival. Far too many law enforcement departments are not equipped with these devices. It is not the fault of the department but falls on budget. I know departments that would love to get these AED's in all units but can't.

We should all take the time to attend city council meetings and bring up this subject. Breaux Bridge Louisiana has topped the charts annually for being one of the best towns in several categories. My goal is to add "Best Town to Survive a Cardiac Arrest In" to the awards in the future. Let us all get out in the community and help make them safer with these lifesaving devices.


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